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How to Prep Your Texas Multi-Family Unit For Winter

Did you know the average multi-family and apartment’s heating costs make up 42% of the total energy consumption? There are several things you can do to make your multi-family unit energy efficient and prevent heaters from overworking.

Insulate your home One of the most effective ways of preventing heat loss is insulating your multi-family unit. According to statistics, under-insulated roofs and walls are responsible for up to 15% and 20% of heat loss, respectively.

Upgrade your thermostat A smart thermostat allows you to turn your heating unit on or off at certain times of the day, depending on your preference. According to Energy Star, using a smart thermostat can help minimize your unit’s energy consumption by up to $180 every year.

Prep your heater for the cold season Dirty or clogged filters will not only increase your multi-family unit’s energy consumption, but they could also damage your unit. Your HVAC needs to be maintained once every year, preferably by a qualified HVAC Technician. BCS Service Pros LLC proudly serves multi-family and apartment clients throughout Texas. We offer new installs, change outs as well as scheduled maintenance.

Seal any gaps on your windows and doors Using caulk to fill up any cracks on your windows and doors helps to keep the warm air in and the cold out. Use weather stripping tape to seal off the severely problematic areas. Consider replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones if they are old and worn.

Clean your gutters While doing this has little to do with how well your multi-family unit performs as far as energy efficiency is concerned, it prevents the formation of ice dams, which could damage your roof.

Get Help From BCS Service Pros LLC

The above tips will help you minimize your multi-family unit’s energy consumption while keeping your tenants warm and comfortable. Bringing in a BCS Service Pros LLC Technician to check on your unit’s efficiency is a great way of preparing for the cold winter months. Contact us today for more information – we look forward to hearing from you!

Mike Trombley

Owner, BCS Service Pros

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