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“One of Mike's many skills is having all the experience of working with new construction and extensive renovation and being able to combine that with understanding the quality and need to protect the daily living conditions of a Class A apartment community, that knowledge is a rare and valuable quality.”

Ron Scott

Wildwood Construction


Attention Property Managers

With over 30 years experience in construction we are happy to help with any construction projects on your property. We are Class A General Contractors and can take the headache out of your capital improvements or next renovation project. 

Student Housing Services


Turnkey / Make Readies


We have assisted our client and run college turn in this industry. What that means is once the students move out the last week in July, we have approximately three weeks to turnover hundreds of units and get them move-in ready. The new group of students will move in around August 15th. This requires a lot of advance planning, long hours, and hydration. Attitudes are tested and the key is to make it fun and push forward on what the daily goals are.

Image by K8