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Dallas Allergies & HVAC Solutions

Do you suffer from allergies? If so, you Spring this is one of the hardest times of the year – filled with sneezing and itchy eyes due to the high pollen count. A recent study published by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America named Dallas the WORST city in Texas for allergens and the 2nd worse in the United States (behind only Wichita, Kansas).

According to the EPA, exposure to poor indoor air quality can cause immediate discomfort. They warn that the long-term effects from extended periods of breathing indoor air pollution can also cause lingering and chronic illnesses. Many respiratory diseases and allergies have been linked to living in a home with dirty air.

After long periods of time, the concentrations of indoor pollution will continue to build up, and the resulting health effects can be debilitating and are often the cause of allergies. It is important to have regular maintenance of your HVAC system to eliminate or reduce the circulation of contaminants in your home, apartment or multi-family unit. Below are four reasons your HVAC system could be causing (or worsening) allergies.

1. Dust and Dirty Air Filters

HVAC maintenance may include removing dust from the register and return vents in the home. Also, regular replacement of your home’s furnace filters is crucial for good indoor air quality. Speak with your BCS Service Pros technician about the choices in high quality air filters that remove a greater amount of airborne particulates.

2. Mold in Home or AC Unit

Mold can thrive within different areas of you AC unit that are prone to humidity and moisture. These include the drip pan, evaporator coils, and within air ducts. BCS Service Pros Technicians are trained to detect mold and will advise on the best measures the homeowner should take for removal. If mold is circulated from other parts of your home by way of the duct system, the fungus spores will enter nose and lungs, presenting symptoms that resemble hay fever.

3. Pet Dander and Pollen Circulation

If your tenants already experiences environmental allergies, then poor air quality from outside sources can enter your HVAC system and cause increased symptoms. According to WebMD, using HEPA filters to trap these pollutants can help bring relief from allergies. With a HEPA filter, air is forced through such a fine mesh, that harmful and allergy-causing particles are trapped. If you are considering a HEPA filter, consult with a BCS Service Pros Team Member to determine if an upgrade to your HVAC system is required to handle the high energy required to pass air through these filters.

4. Lack of HVAC Maintenance

The overall health of your HVAC system can contribute to your indoor air quality and reduce or increase allergies. From regular cleaning, to high quality filters, and regular inspection for signs of biological contaminants - regular HVAC maintenance conducted by BCS Service Pros will help reduce the allergic symptoms that your family is experiencing.

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Our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction make us one of the leading HVAC companies in Texas – committed to serving multi-family and apartment managers. To learn more about our equipment, services, and protection plan, email us at or call us at 979-213-8410.

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