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3 Tips To Protect Your HVAC System in Texas

Do you own or manage a multi-family unit in Texas? If so, this blog post is for you! BCS Service Pros specializes in serving owners & decision makers of apartments and multi-family units throughout Texas. We wanted to take a moment to share a few 3 tips on how to protect your HVAC units from unnecessary harm and greatly reduce expensive repairs.

1. Change air filters regularly

Whether you do this as a homeowner or have a BCS Service Pros technician complete this for a commercial property, clean air filters are vital. Think of it as clearing the throat of your HVAC system. Dirty filters with dust and grime build-up harm expensive HVAC equipment. Don’t create serious and unnecessary problems that will lead to costly repairs. Change air filters regularly to protect your heating and AC unit from harmful damage to the system and tenants' health.

2. Keep the area around your outdoor HVAC unit clean.

Complete regular check-ups to clean the area around any outdoor air conditioner or heat pump unit. This includes gently hosing off and sweeping any gunk that accumulates (animal droppings, branches, debris, dirt, leaves, etc.). For example, if there are any nearby trees or bushes, clip the foliage so it doesn’t interfere with airflow. Most importantly, any outdoor HVAC unit should be on even ground.

3. Watch for condensation build-up.

Condensation is equally as harmful as dirt and dust particles. Specifically, moisture should be efficiently draining through the HVAC system’s condensate lines and drip on the ground outside. Are there puddles around your air conditioner, heater, or furnace? There could be a clogged drain line. Contact BCS Service Pros to have this checked out immediately.

Heater and AC Unit Repair and Replacement by BCS Service Pros

BCS Service Pros is leading the way in HVAC maintenance, repairs, and replacement for multi-family units and apartments throughout Texas. Protect your investment now with regular HVAC maintenance from one of our HVAC technicians.

Contact us today with any heating or cooling questions or to sign up for one of our maintenance plans – we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Mike Trombley

Owner – BCS Service Pros

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